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I'm Levi

Technologist and software engineer interested in the development of interactive and creative applications. Studying how we can use these emerging advancements in technology to empower the arts and sciences, and change the way we perceive the world around us.

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Facial Action Coding System (FACS) based Animator

Made with Thinko's Engineering team. Allows for Facial Tracking from iPhone to be

Made with Thinko's Engineering team. Allows for Facial Tracking from iPhone to be layered within our Unity animation pipeline.

Interactive Performance Visualization

Interactive visuals that are controlled by gyroscopic commands for use within a performance art piece designed by client.

AR experiments

Augmented reality drawing application that allows users to paint anywhere in the world.

Triple n

A 3D exploratory game that takes place inside and outside of the game application. Graphics are entirely generative.

Human Drawing Technique Automation

Bot that attempts to mimic human drawing techniques as closely as possible within MS Paint.

Footage coming soon

House of the Gundead

Part of the development team for the the arcade spinoff of the popular indie game series Enter The Gungeon. Lightgun on rail shooter.


Audio visual interactive art piece that promotes interesting human-computer interaction. Designed with gallery space in mind.

Footage coming soon

Accenture Hive

Installation at Accenture's NYC office. Interactive cells controlled by pedestrians via lidar sensors. Made with the FC team.

Hook Game

Mobile game worked in tandem with a publishing company. Focused on freedom of movement and verticality.